Why Choose BETA Panel Heaters

Beta panel heaters are a common solution for the heating of different areas because they are easy to install and to replace older heating systems. They are ideal choice for the heating of new construction buildings or when renovating old ones. But can also be used as an additional heat source to the existing heating system of a building, flat, office, etc.

A comfortable level of temperature is reached quickly as almost 100% of the energy consumed is transformed into heat. The electronic thermostat included is highly accurate (+/- 0.1ο C), responding quickly to temperature changes, energy efficient and give excellent comfort thanks to even heat distribution. Slim design and X-shaped heating element also contribute to even heat distribution and creation of a warm atmosphere.

All heaters are made of hot-dip zinc coated steel and are electrostatically painted, so they do not rust. Beta heaters can be installed in dry and damp areas (IP21 dust and water protection).

All ENSTO panel heaters are safe due to their low surface temperature (<60ο C) and automatic overheating protection. So, they are an ideal heating solution for children rooms. What is even more they are slim, light and with curved edges to prevent children accidents. They function silently and they don't drain out the room's atmosphere.

Finally, they have zero maintenance cost and are covered by a 5 year guarantee.

Beta heating panels are made in Finland under the highest quality manufacture standards.