Westinghouse is proud to present the new ceiling fan and portable fan catalogue for 2015. The catalogue contains seven mew models, as well as an improved layout with room scenes of the products.
A) Ceiling Fans without light kit, ideal for hotel projects and professional use:
Jet II 42” 78261 - Minimal design matching all rooms (p.28)
Monarch Fans 48” 78268 & 78269 - Classic Casablanca style in white and titanium finish. (p.43)
Nevada 42” 78264 - Simple and classic. (p.43)
B) Ceiling Fans with light kit, new finishes and colors for some of the existing designs and the new models of Basic series:
Portland Ambiance EL 42” 78266 - Matches all room styles. (p.49)
Princess Trio 42” 78265 - The well-known Princess Trio with new finish and blade colors (p.44)
Capitol 42” 78274 - The new promising model of Basic Line (p.50)
C) Ceiling Fan with LED light kit, the maximum of energy saving: air conditioning and lighting:
Techno 78270- Modern and high technology (p.26)
D) New remote controls:
IR Remote Control 77843 – infra red and four speed levels (p.56)
RF Remote Control 77874 – radio frequency, four speed levels, temperature and clock timer, touch screen (p.56)
RF Remote Control 77841 – radio frequency,four speed levels, timer and touch screen
E) Floor Fan:
Highland I 72723 – Slim line portable fan with modern design, filling in to the existing portable range
You can download a copy of the new catalogue here.