For over 100 years, the Westinghouse brand has represented quality and reliability through innovative products and strong customer relationships. Westinghouse Lighting is a market leader in the ceiling fan and lighting industry in the United States and Europe. The International headquarters is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA with logistics centers strategically positioned in Chicago, Illinois, Jacksonville, Florida, and Santa Fe Springs, California. International offices are located in Germany, United Kingdom, Mexico, Taiwan, Hong Kong and mainland China. Westinghouse Lighting operates in 100 countries, across five continents: North America, Central-/South America, Europe, Middle East and Asia. The Westinghouse Brand has consistently embodied quality and reliability. Westinghouse products offer its customers the highest quality and innovative design; all products are TÜV, GS and CE certified to ensure customer satisfaction. You can find more about Westinghouse Lighting here: www.westinghouselighting.eu.

In 2011 NB Lighting became exclusive distributor of Westinghouse Lighting Corporation in Greece and Cyprus. Our company maintains a sufficient inventory of Westinghouse products in Athens warehouse. All orders are immediately dispatched from our warehouse to our B2B customers. Moreover, we provide customers with technical support to Westinghouse products through our call center. Service for ceiling fans is provided only by NB Lighting technical department and our specialised personnel.