• Raw materials used are: polypropylene (PP), polyamide (PA), and polycarbonate (PC).
  • Vandal proof plastic opal and prismatic glass diffusers are made of polycarbonate.
  • Materials are UV resistant
  • With Aluminum reflector
  • Porcelain lampholder
  • IP41/ IP43  Class II

Plastic products have very good resistance in weather conditions and are suitable for use in public places.



  • Die-cast aluminum under sandblast procedure, offering smooth texture
  • Polyester powder coating – UV resistant painting
  • Thermoplastic gasket
  • Porcelain lampholder
  • IP54 / IP43 (lanterns)  Class I

Aluminum is a material with good mechanical strength and quite good resistance to environmental erosion.



  • Die-cast solid brass under sandblast procedure, offering smooth texture
  • Thermoplastic gasket
  • Porcelain lampholder
  • IP54  Class I

Properties of brass are the following: very high resistance to mechanical wear and chemical erosion, as well as strong resistance to weather conditions. It is the only material recommended for sites next to the sea and rivers. Its reaction to humidity and saltiness is a green surface that can be easily removed after scrubbing. Brass is a long life material suitable for difficult weather conditions.



  • Globes are made of acrylic (PMMA) and bases are made of polyamide (PA).
  • Material UV resistant
  • Porcelain lampholder in the base of the globe
  • IP65  Class II

The procedure of globe production is the following: initially a pre-form is produced in the injection machines, then the pre-form is heated to gain elasticity and then it is placed in a blowing machine where the globe is shaped under air pressure.  

Globes with base have also strong resistance to weather conditions and high protection from water and dust.  



Waterproofing of products is achieved only when they are placed according to the indications of the manufacturer.



Our company has sent samples and received “CE” quality certification for its products after tests and trials that were carried out in the laboratories of ELOT (Hellenic Organisation for Standarisation SA) in Athens. Materials and parts used in products have all the appropriate specifications. (ISO, ELOT, CE). The company carries out quality controls and tests during all stages of production to identify any faults and reassure product quality. For this reason, the company hires qualified personnel that constantly attend training seminars organized by certified institutions of the field. Finally, our technical department has created an archive of files referring to our products including tests and trials results carried out in ELOT, as well as all technical details, which are also embossed written on the products as required by EN6059.1 specification.