Special Production

As a producer, NB LIGHTING offers various special constructions upon the models of the factory to serve all the constructing and architectural features.

There is a big variety of colourings available for aluminium and brass models, where polyester powder coating UV resistant is applied. In plastic models there is also a wide variety of colourings for minimum 500 pieces, while white, black and grey are stock colours. Stock colours for globes are white, fume and transparent.

Brass products can be polished with appropriate varnishes offering a different texture to the matterial. Also, two different finishes are available: chromium and chromium mat.

Products can be differentiated in terms of length of poles, extra stuffing or decorative screws in bulkheads and wall sconces, hole opening in both sides of the lighting in order to have entry and exit of the cable or in the base of the lighting in order to place it in ceiling. Also, the lamp holder can be replaced in order to create space for a bigger lamp or a second lamp holder can be adjusted for safety lighting. In certain models different lamp holders can be selected (G9, G4-12V, GX53), according to the lamp and the volt that need to be applied by the customer. LED lighting can be installed in the majority of our models.

For any further information or any question regarding special constructions do not hesitate to contact our technical department and we will direct you to create your own special model.