Quality-Consistency- Experience-Variety :

four words characterising NB Lighting

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Since half a century NB LIGHTING – NIKOLOPOULOS BROS CO has been producing and merchandising outdoor lighting fittings and accessories and is one of the oldest and first producers of lighting products in Greece. Widely known in the Greek lighting market, we count several loyal wholesale clients: electrical equipment stores and lighting stores, within the entire territory of Greece, Cyprus and Balcans, Western Europe and Middle East, constantly gaining their preference and satisfaction. With consistency and responsibility towards our customers and consumers we give solutions to the lighting needs of private and professional places by offering immediate services with quality and long-lasting products. During all these years, our products have been used in many projects: external illumination in hotels, in public buildings (hospitals, schools, etc), in municipalities, in the establishments of PPC SA (Public Power Corporation SA), private residences, professional sites (shopping centres, special lighting for outdoor stands, lighting in underground and overground parking spaces, etc).

The last decade we have succeeded in updating our technology and manufacturing processes, by purchasing new machninery and applying advanced production methods. The integrated production unit of our factory, allows us to make special constructions in order to serve even the most specialized customer demands. We pay attention to the timely delivery of goods, something we have successfully achieved through a well organized warehouse. NB LIGHTING is constantly growing its product range with new models. We advance by studying and analyzing the needs of the market and based on the know-how and experience we have gained during our long time in the lighting business. At the same time we look for new partnerships. Our recent cooperation with ENERGIZER Lighting and BIONAIRE, is one step towards this direction.

NB LIGHTING looks forward to the growth of its share in the existing markets and further penetration in new markets.