New cooperation of NB Lighting with ENSTO Finland Oy


We are pleased to announce our company's new cooperation with Finnish ENSTO in the field of heating. NB Lighting imports and distributes in the Greek B2B market BETA series of panel heaters by ENSTO.

Beta panel heaters are made in Finland under the highest quality manufacture standards of ENSTO. Beta panel heaters are a common solution for the heating of different areas because they are easy to install and to replace older heating systems. ENSTO panel heaters are a great combination of energy efficiency, comfort, safety, reliability, flexibility and low capital costs.

More specifically, BETA panel heaters series include models from 250W to 2.000W, all with electronic thermostat of high accuracy (+/- 0.1ο C), which is a cost and energy efficient heating solution as it responds quickly to temperature changes in the room and ensures continuous heating comfort. We bring heat, so you can enjoy!

Finnish Family Business ENSTO is an international family business which designs and provides smart electrical solutions to improve the safety, functionality, reliability and efficiency of smart grids, buildings and transportation. ENSTO was founded in 1958 and employs ca. 1,600 passionate professionals in Europe, the USA and Asia. Its product categories include: overhead/underground systems of electricity networks, electric vehicle charging, cabling systems, explosion protection systems, heating systems, electrological equipment and lighting. You can find more information about ENSTO here:


For further information please contact us at: and T:+30-210-9733176.